context research



Market-, opinion- and social research, so called applied research, must go in line with scientific approaches, methods and techniques. In practice, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes methods are offered according the saying “to those who only use the hammer, every problem appears to be a nail”. But market research needs to be adequate in concept and method regading the research problem of the client.

Market research is a complex service. Execution and quality of it often cannot be judged from external entirely. We see the market research process as a quality chain with interdependent chain-links. Every step must comply with scientific quality criteria to achieve a result with highest possible quality.

On the foundation of international standards and guidelines we offer consulting for every phase of the research process:

  • Support and set up of proposals and market research briefings
  • Selection and design of appropriate study concepts for research issues
  • Consultancy creating questionnaires and discussion guidelines
  • Guidance on quality criteria of data collection and fieldwork
  • Consultancy concerning analyses and interpretation of data
  • Ethical aspects for conducting research projects
  • Requirements on documentation and publishing of research data in media

The basis for evaluatin quality in research is the ICC / ESOMAR-Codex accepted in over 60 countries worldwide and the ISO-Standard 20252 namely „Market, opinion and social research — vocabulary and service requirements” and ISO 26362 on “Access panels in market, opinion and social research”. Emanuel Maxl is member of the ISO-committee of standard 20252 and has worked together with the German associations on the very document certifying companies according to ISO 26362.

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